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A hobby-turned-social enterprise

I have been making candles for friends and family for over three years before starting Kandila Co. The thought of making a business out of my little hobby didn’t even cross my mind until I’ve received encouraging unsolicited feedback from friends. They were surprised to find out that I made the candles myself and commented that they looked store-bought if not better.

They then started to place orders and received feedbacks like, “this smells amazing”, “there was no wasted wax” and “where can I buy this”. Now those words surely got me thinking. I thought it made sense that I start a candle company but I wanted it to mean so much more and to align with something that my husband and I have been passionate about - education for everyone.

That’s how Kandila Co was born - a Melbourne-based boutique candle company that gives back to the community. 


Kandila Co Natural Soy Wax Candles Hand-crafted in Australia

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