Our Story & Social Impact


It all started in 1998 when I began collecting scented candles. Back then, every candle was the same to me. Fast forward to 2005 when we've moved to Australia, only then have I learned of the many different kinds of waxes, fragrances and additives used in making a typical store-bought candle. I still loved visiting shops and browsing candle collections but I started to become mindful of what’s in them especially after I found out that some of those ingredients are harmful to myself and the environment.

My quest for the perfect candle soon ended after I’ve attended workshops and discovered soy wax - a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to palm and paraffin wax. From then on, I’ve only purchased natural soy wax candles and started making some of my own, only to discover that I absolutely love the candle making process.


My husband and I are first generation immigrants from the Philippines. Although we’ve called Australia home for more than a decade, we constantly find ourselves thinking about our less fortunate countrymen and the quality of lives that they live. Knowing that lack of access to education is one of the root causes for the endless cycle of poverty and marginalisation not just in the Philippines but also in all developing nations, we are determined to contribute and help fight poverty at its core and so Kandila Co. was born.


At Kandila Company, we create artisan soy candles and donate 50% of our profits to organisations that provide education to children in developing nations. Every year, we select an organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission to support. As of September 2020, we've sponsored 21 kids for 3 consecutive years via our partner charity, The Australian Foundation for Fostering Learning in the Philippines and 2 women to participate in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) studies in a 2-year tertiary vocational degree in educational institutions in Cambodia via our partner charity Classroom of Hope

We're on a break but in the last few years we were supporting One Girl, an organisation that aims to harness the power of education to drive change for girls and their communities in Sierra Leone and Uganda. 

Your purchase will help these organisations send kids from impoverished communities to schools, giving them an opportunity to achieve their full potential. Our candles will not only brighten your day but also give hope to these children and enable them to uplift and change their lives.



Our candles are made from 100% natural, GM-free soy wax. They are perfectly blended with premium Australian-made fragrance oil and use lead-free, natural fibre wicks.


We donate 50% of our profits to charities that provide education to disadvantaged kids in developing nations.


Our hand-poured candles are made in small batches at a time. The candles that you’ll receive have been made, prepared and packed by the same pair of hands.